„Guten Morgen, Horde, good morning world. Welcome to my life….“

Hello my friend, awesome to have you here, on my website. Thank you for the visit…. Let me show you a little bit of my world…

My name is Jan, I am born on July 10th , 1981 in Lower Saxony, Germany.
I always was very interested in everything, that dealed with horror, monsters, vampires, ghosts and witchcraft, as long as I can remember. And I always was very fascinated by music. Later, in the middle of the 1990’s, I got in touch with Heavy Metal, for the first time. That was an awesome feeling.

I started making music as a kid, have played in a few bands on keyboards, drums or as vocalist. After releasing some quite successful CDs, I also started with professional wrestling, something I still love to do.

Because of my presence infront of cameras, I nearly was forced to do some modeling jobs.

I started my Instagram, to promote myself as a wrestler. But after restarting my model „career“, the journey changed …

And it will change over and over again. My life is full of undiscovered adventures. I love Metal, Wrestling, Tattoos, lifting weights and all the crazy stuff, one could get…

Normal = Boring

My Name
I started blogging on different boards using the name Unholy. So I decided to use it also for my other creative projects. The word „Unlichtgestalt“ means, that I am not famous. I prefer the dark arts, I love fantasy, horror, fetish and BDSM based shootings. I am a male rope model and enjoy needle pain.

My journey
…is not over, yet.